Terms and Conditions

Policies and Procedures

Please note that due to the COVID19 pandemic we have temporarily suspended our next business day guarantee for service.

Ordering a service;

  • To order a service to be completed you must fill out our online order form at www.thesigninstallers.com in full. Any gaps or missing information will lead to a delay in service until the correct information is provided.
  • No orders for any service will be taken over the phone.
  • Any orders within our daily service area limits that are submitted before 5pm are guaranteed next business day service *please note that this is only guaranteed if we have all of the materials to complete the installation already in our warehouse.
  • Any orders submitted after 6pm do not fall under guaranteed next business day service.
  • Any orders submitted where a sign or rider is being picked up from a secondary location to complete the installation will be subject to a hold until all of the items are retrieved and returned to our warehouse.
  • Any services requested outside of our daily service area may be subject to up to 3 business days for service. *If a sign is left at the property or post and hooks only is requested the service may be completed faster.
  • We will always use the address provided to complete the service requested. Please double check to ensure the information provided is correct.
  • Our drivers do NOT meet vendors or agents at the property.
  • Our drivers do NOT facilitate any specific timed orders.
  • Our company will not call you to confirm any details prior to service unless expressly told otherwise.
  • When ordering a service you are agreeing to payment for the service provided.
  • When ordering a removal service you are ensuring that the post and sign are left out visible for the driver upon arrival. A post in a garage or locked backyard will result in a driver charge *Please see driver charge section below.

Re-Installations & Return trips;

  • There is a cost for all return trips to a property *the only exception being for a reinstallation due to natural causes within the first three weeks of initial installation.
  • When you request a re-installation after the 3 week period you are agreeing to pay the return trip charge.
  • Returning to a property for any reason, a trip charge will apply. This does include if we are not told about construction and cannot reach the subject property to install, If there is no grass and we are not told to bring a free standing base, if the post needs extensions and we are not told, etc.*Please see drivers charge section below
  • Adding a sold / changing a sign or rider / adding anything additional to the sign after the initial installation is included under return trip and there is a charge for this.
  • If you did not ask for something to be left on your removal request, and would like us to return it to the subject property, or a secondary location, this trip is subject to a charge.

Drivers Charges;

  • Any time a driver goes to a property and is unable to complete the service requested there is a drivers charge.
  • A drivers charge for a local area is $20 + HST and is subject to increase outside of our $38 local coverage zone.
  • This charge applies for the following instances; If we are denied by a vendor upon arrival, if an incorrect address is given by the agent, if there is nowhere to install a sign, if there is blockage from getting to a property, if we are sent back to a property where a service has already been completed, etc.
  • When you order a service you are ensuring that you provide us with all relevant information to complete the installation, if a driver or the office is unable to complete a service due to lack of information provided a drivers charge will apply.
  • If we go to remove a sign and post and the post is not visible on either side of the house upon arrival, a drivers charge rate will apply. Drivers will not enter gated backyards/garages without permission.
  • If we are provided the incorrect address, and the driver has already installed the post at the given address, a full installation charge will apply as well as a service charge to relocate to the proper address.
  • If the property is unreachable due to construction or other blockage and we are not told ahead of time a drivers charge will apply.

Obstructions / Nowhere to install;

  • If a driver arrives at the property and there is a large obstruction (eg: large tree, tall hedges, a fence, etc) at the subject property the driver will install in the best possible location according to visibility and safety. If we are not informed of such obstructions ahead of time and told where to place the sign we will use our best judgement for placement.
  • If a driver arrives at a property and there is no lawn to install the post on he will either tie the sign to the porch or fence or if none, leave without installing. A drivers charge will apply.
  • If you are unhappy with the placement of a sign we have used our best judgement to place and you would like us to return to the property to move to a different location a second trip charge will apply for relocation unless you have requested the post be installed in a specific location and our driver installed elsewhere.

Lost / Damaged Post;

  • If we are sent to a property to remove a post installed and there is no post to retrieve there is a $75 fee automatically charged to your account. There will be an email sent out to inform you if we have been unable to retrieve the post. If after this point we are sent back out and we retrieve the post the lost post fee will be credited back to your account.
  • If you do not submit an order to remove your post from a subject property either VIA web order form or VIA email, and the post is not retrieved you will be charged the $75 lost post charge (eg: Missed closing date, Cancelled listing, ETC).
  • If we go to retrieve a post from a subject property and it has been broken or damaged, a full $75 replacement post charge will apply.

Signs and Storage;

  • We provide free storage for current signs for all active agents in our warehouse facility.* Agents are considered active if they have used our services at least once during the calendar year. **Free storage is only for your most current style of signs, if you request we store old style signs that are not to be used a monthly fee may apply.
  • We will always bring all materials from a removal back to our warehouse for storage unless expressly told otherwise on the order form.
  • If an order form is submitted and it does not say to leave the sign / riders / any applicable materials at the subject property upon removing, a delivery charge will apply to have these items returned to the subject property or the agent's office.
  • All signs are subject to wear and tear damages or weathering from being up at listings.*we will not pay to replace signs that have been damaged from basic useage.
  • If a sign from the warehouse is requested on an online order form and there is no sign in storage to hang, you will receive an email informing you we do not currently have signs, and a post and hooks will be installed to ensure no delay in service.
  • If you have changed brokerages and we are storing signs from your old brokerage you are responsible for informing us of the brokerage change and instructions on how to handle old signs. *If we are doing inventory and we find an agents signs while they are no longer with that brokerage and we were not informed of the change, the old brokerage signs will be disposed of.
  • After one calendar year of inactivity we will attempt to contact you with the email and phone number we have on file to discuss status, if we do not hear back from you within 10 business days the signs will be disposed of.
  • If we search any agents name on TREB or Realtor.ca and find the agent has moved to a different brokerage than the one we have signs with, the signs we have in stock will be disposed of.


  • Our drivers will not install a post on city property (past the sidewalk towards the road) as it is against city bylaws.
  • Our drivers will not meet with an agent at the property at a specific time.
  • Our drivers will not facilitate any timed orders.
  • Our company will not call you to confirm any details prior to service unless expressly told otherwise.
  • When a sign is requested on Condo Property the agent is required prior to submitting their order to speak to the condo board and gain permission for a sign installation.
  • Agent is required to inform us of any sprinkler systems at an installation property. If there is an in ground sprinkler system the agent is responsible to place a marker on the lawn where we are to install *if a sprinkler system present, and we are not notified and it is not marked, our company is not liable for any damages caused.
  • If an installation is order as a Post with Hooks only, the installation price does not include our return to close the hooks after the sign is placed by the agent. If we are required to go back to close the hooks a drivers charge will apply.
  • If an installation is completed as a post and hooks it does not indicate that we leave the sign at the property when removing the post. *Please see signs and storage section for additional information about having materials left upon removal.
  • Our drivers may touch up posts and T Bar on location with paint to ensure the best presentation. There may be wet paint on our posts for several hours after installation
  • If you cancel an order after the driver has already completed the installation or is already at the subject property a drivers charge or full installation charge may apply.


  • When you are ordering a removal you are ensuring that the post will be left out in a visible location for the driver to retrieve the post. If the post is not left in a visible location for the driver when he arrives to pick up the post it may be subject to a drivers charge or a lost post charge.
  • Our company will not call you to confirm any details prior to service unless expressly told otherwise.
  • When you are ordering a removal if you do not specify in your order that you would like the sign, riders, or any other materials that may have been used on the sign or post then we will ALWAYS bring all materials back to the warehouse.
  • If we arrive at a property and notice significant damage to your sign, we will let you know about the damages and have it set aside until we are advised what to do with the sign.

Commercial Work;

  • For a commercial installation / removal to be processed you will need to request a quote from the office, once the quote is sent out it will need to be confirmed by the agent before we proceed.
  • Line locates are recommended to be provided to us upon installation request.
  • We require a photo of the area where the sign is to be installed upon installation request.
  • Commercial work, depending on the season can be subject to up to 7 business days for completion.
  • All commercial work is weather-dependent. We will not allow any installers to part take in unsafe work.
  • For any wall signs our height maximum is up to the second storey. We do not facilitate any wall work higher than this.
  • Maximum height for any signs installed on the ground is 14 feet from the ground.
  • All wall signs and banners require tapcon screws and or anchors. This will create holes in the finish of the building.
  • Commercial work is never guaranteed as next day service.

Overdue Accounts;

  • After 90 days of nonpayment, all overdue accounts will be collected using the credit card kept on file. If this option is not available, we will be foreced to send the account to collections.