Frequently Asked Questions

"There is no such thing as a stupid question!"

What is our turnaround time?

We guarantee* next day installation if your order is received before 5 p.m., and the request is for an installation which will be made in the GTA (as laid out in our coverage area).

*If for any reason we are not able to complete the service next business day you will be notified as soon as possible and given an alternate timeline for service.

How do I make a Sign Request?

Presently, we exclusively accept orders through the Online Client Portal. Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulty with accessing the portal. We cannot place any orders through the phone, voicemail, and/or e-mail.

Do you supply the metal frame for my sign?

We absolutely do! – You will need to choose the correct size to correlate with your sign size when ordering through the Online Client Portal.

Do you store my signs and if so what is the cost?

Yes, we are very happy to offer free storage for your signs at our climate-controlled facilities. However, after one calendar year of not using our services our office staff will arrange a time for you to pick up your signs. We welcome your return at any later point!

Please note: If our office staff cannot reach you using the contact information provided to us, the Sign Installers reserve the right to dispose of your materials. The storage space is a valuable courtesy to our clients, and we take their need for greater storage space seriously.

How do you get my signs?  Is there a pick up fee?

To pick up your signs, we charge a small fee. However, you may opt to drop off your signs at our Pickering warehouse for free.

I am unhappy with my current installer. How do I switch over to the Sign Installers

Welcome to the Sign Installers! It is quite easy to switch your installation provider. As long as your billing is up to date, you may collect your signs. We are happy to offer personal billing - if your office uses another installer.

What is the service schedule for installations and removals?

Our sign installers operate from Monday to Friday. The installers work hard to ensure that their scheduled calls are entirely completed. As busier seasons approach, this often means that the installers are working later to do so. Please be mindful of their long hours, and dedication to taking care of your installation needs. During these busier seasons, this will mean that calls in outlying areas may be completed later in the day.

We do not operate on civic holidays. We shut down over the Christmas holidays.

What are your methods of payment?

Currently, we accept payments through any major credit card. In some special circumstances, cheques or e-transfers will be accepted. To arrange this payment method, we require you to call our offices.

How do you determine the placement of signs at properties?

To guarantee maximum exposure to your sign, our sign installers first locate a spot they deem most visible in the yard. They then place the post in this spot, paint the post, and hang your sign. In some cases, they will adjust the height of the post so that your sign is always visible – despite any tall hedges, fences, or other landscaping. If we are installing a sign at a corner property, we install the sign at the corner on a 45-degree angle. Our installers do this to ensure the sign is visible on both streets. However, if two posts are ordered for a corner property, we will reconsider the most appropriate location to place the post.

Please note: A small surcharge is applied, if our post needs to be raised by several feet. This will appear as "raised post install" on your invoice.

Please note: It is your responsibility as the real estate agent or broker to notify us if you anticipate any challenges which may emerge at the time of the installation due to structural concerns (i.e., the house has a sprinkler system, area-specific by-laws about lawn-appearance, unmarked wiring and/or pipelines, etc.) Any damages incurred as a result of neglecting to do so, is the responsibility of the respective agent or broker.

How will I be invoiced?

The answer to this is office specific. In short, it varies depending on who your affiliation is to. If you are a new agent, you must consult your broker. In other circumstances, offices prefer that agents are billed individually. In this instance, we will email your invoice to either your home or office address - if you have a preference, please clearly indicate this on your online portal. In special circumstances we may offer to bill the office, and then the office seeks reimbursements from its agents – this option is not available to all offices. In all cases, your invoices are available to request for e-mail. These invoices are processed monthly, and payment must be rendered upon receipt of the invoice.

Should I be concerned about city ordinances and by-laws?

We try to ensure that our installers are well-equipped to navigate the legality of sign posting and city property. However, we do require you, as our client, to notify us of rules and regulations pertaining to sign installation at townhouse complexes, condominiums, co-ops, and retail plazas. Usually, you can easily access these details by contacting the respective property manager.

Please note: Rules and regulations pertaining to signs in these areas are always in flux. The constant change in procedure and permissibility often means that there is a low threshold of tolerance for signs on the above-mentioned properties. If our posts are removed or disposed of, without our discretion, we do reserve the right to charge you for a missing post. As well, you will receive a second charge, if our installers must make a second trip to relocate the sign and post.

Will my signs fit on your posts?

Yes! Our posts are available in a standard size - a 6 ft. up-right, with a 4 ft. cross arm. These cross arms have technology equipped to hold riders and pins. Our posts are versatile, and we are able to satisfy a range of desired outcomes for sign hanging. In the unlikely event that we cannot fit your sign on our post, we will be sure to contact you and arrange some alternative options!

Can I pre-order a sign installation and/or post-date a sign removal?

You absolutely can! We ask that you do not leave your orders for the last minute. We encourage you to make your orders early, so that we are able to ensure your sign is installed the day your listing is made public. Alternatively, "post-dating a removal request" means that our installers will ensure that the post and sign are removed prior to the closing date for the new homeowners. We also encourage you to take advantage of this system as most signs and posts are lost when the new homeowners move in and dispose of our materials.

Please note: You will be charged if our posts are damaged or missing.

How can I keep track of my sign inventory? What if I run out?

We encourage you not to worry too much about your sign inventory - because we are keeping track of your sign inventory! Our office staff will notify you when you are low on signs, well before you run out of signs. If you require new signs, please let us know so that we can help arrange a new order of signs!

Would you send confirmation when a sign has been installed / removed?

We certainly will! You will receive a confirmation of the order. If you access your online portal, you can follow the order progress, and expected date of completion for the installation/removal.

What happens when you are closed for the holidays and I need your services?

We do observe all civic holidays. We ask that you be mindful of this information, to avoid or anticipate a delay in our service. Over the winter holiday season, we are shut down for an extended period of time – the dates of which vary every year. Your office will be notified of our Christmas holiday shutdown well in advance. However, we still monitor accounts during this time.

Why are there two charges on my invoice for the same property?

For instances in which installers need two trips to complete your order, you will be charged for a "service call". Usually this happens when the wrong address has been given; to add extenders; we find our post or your sign is made inaccessible to our installers during a removal/installation, etc. We apply this charge in the event that you make an error on your order because of negligence. Please always review your orders before processing a request.

What happens to my sold riders after you remove my signs?

It depends. Usually, we will leave the sold rider on your sign - until your next listing, and installation request. Upon satisfying your order request, we will leave your sold rider on the porch of the new property listing. Alternatively, we can coordinate another drop off with you - please contact our office to do so. Finally, we can allow the sold signs to accumulate. After enough have accumulated, we will band them together and notify you to place a delivery order.

I prefer to hold onto all of my signs. How can we arrange for installs and removals?

No problem! You will make the order through the online portal, as per usual. However, you must indicate that you will hang your own sign. Our installers will ensure that open hooks are left at the post for you to secure your sign. Alternatively, you can opt to leave your sign at the property. You must indicate that you have done so on the online portal at the time of making your order. In either case, we leave the sign at the property at the time of removal.

Please note: If you opt to hang your own sign, our posts may still be wet from the fresh coat of paint applied on-site by our installers! We use paint with latex, and as long as it is still wet, it can be removed with warm water.

Please note: We use latex paint. We ask that you be cautious of this if you have an allergy to latex and require you not to touch or come in close proximity to a freshly painted post.

Please note: To close the hooks securely around your sign once hung on the post, you will require a set of pliers – the hooks are left open for you to hang your signboard, however to ensure your sign is placed securely to the post, the bottom hooks will need to be closed around the grommets on your board.

There is no lawn at my listing. How will you install my sign?

Contact us with the address, and an up-to-date photo of the property, and we will do our best to formulate a plausible solution for sign-installation at a no-lawn property!

My sign was vandalized. Should I just replace it?

This decision should be made at your discretion. We will try to use our sign friendly solvents to clean up minor graffiti or minor defacing. However, we encourage you to replace damaged signs if you want a flawless finish to the installation of your sign.

Oops! I forgot to call down the sign and the new owners threw it out. Will I be charged for the post?

Yes, these posts are made in-house and can get expensive. You will be charged for the full replacement value of the post. We encourage you to monitor the closing dates of your listings and order a removal through the online portal prior to the closing date of any given property.

Can I put my sold stickers on your post instead of my sign?

No, you cannot. Stickers damage our posts and can result in you incurring greater costs for damage. Instead, we encourage you to purchase a "sold" rider from us! This is a reusable sign.

I have additional charges on a property that has been up for months. What am I being charged for?

After 90 days, we charge a monthly rental fee for the post. On your invoice, this appears as an "extension" fee.

I need a directional post installed on city property. Will this pose a problem?

Absolutely, yes. To protect us both, we will not install any signs on city property. The fines associated to doing so are upwards $5,000.

Can you tell me what time my post will be installed?

Due to the nature of this type of work, we cannot provide exact installation times. Our schedule is created to get as many services completed as efficiently as possible, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control, that may change our route. For this reason, we cannot accommodate specific time requests.

I don’t want to leave my sign outside, it is with the homeowner, can you please ask them for it?

Unfortunately, no we cannot do that. Our installers will not ring/knock on homeowners door. We have a ‘zero contact’ policy, in terms of services. We also cannot call ahead to ask for signs, so please have them placed in a visible and easily accessible location at the listing, or ask us about our free storage!

What if my sign wasn’t available onsite when the driver arrives to install or if there are other issues preventing the service to be completed the way I requested? Will the installer call me?

No, unfortunately this may cause delays for the other services that are scheduled after yours, so our installers cannot call if there are problems onsite. Please be sure to have everything ready for us, or let us know ahead of service if there are issues we may need to address.

I made a mistake/forgot something on my order, can you return to fix it?

We can return to the listing for you to fix your issue, a service charge will be applied and it may vary in price depending on the area – the final price will be provided before checkout on the client portal.

I need to cancel my service, will I be charged for this?

We are understanding of unforeseen circumstances that may change your requirement of a sign on certain properties. If your service needs to be cancelled or changed, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you! Depending on how far along your order is in processing, we may charge a service fee. Please note if the service is already completed before you contact us for cancellation, a greater charge may apply depending on the circumstances.