Please note the below alterations to our business services and practices during COVID19.

Unfortunately due to volume changes in certain areas we will be making the following changes to our coverage areas.

  • Caledon: Our new cut off in Caledon will be King St - Unfortunately we will no longer be able to provide new installation services North of King St.
  • Acton: We will no longer be servicing Acton.
  • Georgetown: Our new boundaries for servicing Georgetown will be Trafalgar Rd and 22nd Sdrd.

  • Aurora and Newmarket: Will no longer be serviced next business day - Due to low volume in the area, services may take 2-3 days to be completed.

No Contact
To maintain the safety of our staff, we will be altering our procedures onsite to reflect the below practices:

  • Drivers will no longer knock if the materials are not available and in plain sight when arriving onsite for a service - If you are leaving signs/riders to be hung at the property, they MUST be outside in plain sight on the date of service.
  • All Materials need to be left outside for our drivers on the day of service; otherwise we cannot utilize the materials as requested.
  • As per our regular policies: Our drivers will not meet vendors/agents onsite of any property - all pertinent information should be provided to us prior to the driver arriving for the service.
  • Office pickups/delivery's will be suspended (unless you are able to provide us with an alternative where our drivers are not required to enter any buildings)

The Sign Installers Office
While our office and warehouse remain open, we ask that you follow the below procedures when visiting us:

Please send us an email prior to arrival with ETA (within business hours) and reason for your visit.

If you are delivering:

  • From your vehicle, please call our office at 905-250-0000 ext 1 to confirm your arrival
  • WHILE WEARING A MASK: Please enter the front set of doors, and leave your material against the wall with the window.
  • Sanitize your hands using the onsite hand sanitizer, and exit the building.
  • We will confirm receipt of the delivery VIA email once you leave the office and we collect the materials.

If you are picking up:

  • From your vehicle, please call our office at 905-250-0000 ext 1 to confirm your arrival
  • We will have someone bring the sign outside and leave it just outside the front door with a clipboard.
  • When we re-enter the office, please exit your vehicle and collect your signs - please fill out and sign the form on the clipboard and place it into the mailbox for us to collect once you leave.

Service Fees
Due to inflation, and to assist in hazard pay for our staff as well as PPE and cleaning equipment for our office to remain open, we will be charging a $2 service fee to each transaction processed.

This fee will ensure we have the appropriate equipment for our team, so we are able to continue assisting you with all of your sign service needs.

Wave 2
As we are all aware, Ontario is now entering wave 2 of the COVID19 Pandemic. As we are attempting to be proactive, and clear in our approach we have outlined the below to maintain transparency as we plan for the potential of another shutdown mandated by the government.

If the Government orders closures once again, we will be taking the following action (so long as we are able to stay open):

  • We will maintain Monday, Wednesday, Friday service days - Depending on severity and volume, we reserve the right to cut down service days further if required.
  • Our office will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for phone calls. - No phones will be in operation on Tuesday or Thursday (or on weekends when we are regularly closed)
  • We will no longer allow any entrance into our office or warehouse - all sign pickups and deliveries will be no contact and will be required to be prearranged VIA phone or email with a staff member.
  • Drivers will no longer facilitate any pickups or deliveries from homes, offices, or printers to try to maintain a closed circle of contact.

We want to thank all of our clients for their continued patience and support while we all attempt to navigate through this unprecedented time. We hope that you and your loved ones are all staying safe and healthy.